The Power of Mixed-Method Approaches in Market Research

At Evolve, we have numerous methodologies in our toolbox to obtain the insights our clients need. Often there are several options that will work, and choosing which one to use can be a daunting process. However, each methodology is unique in the types of insights they can derive, and the best approach is frequently a combination of different tools.


When using mixed-mode methodologies, we typically include both qualitative and quantitative components. Qualitative methodologies like focus groups and in-depth interviews allow us to gather rich, colorful data that explains why the audience thinks, feels, and behaves the way they do. Quantitative methodologies, like online surveys, give us hard numbers from a statistically valid sample so we can quantify and validate our insights.


But our mixed-mode capabilities don't end there. It can also be beneficial to combine traditional and digital research techniques to enhance our insights. Digital online communities are great for having deep conversations and interactions, especially around sensitive public health topics like mental health, substance abuse, and risky or taboo behaviors that people are often reluctant to talk about in more traditional settings like a focus group or one-on-one interview.


Online focus groups and video IDIs excel at capturing the voice of the customer and make it easy for us to share stimuli with the participants. We can then create highlight videos with our key findings, allowing our clients to hear directly from their target audience. User-experience labs (UX labs) allow us to see how consumers search for products or services online, use our clients' websites and mobile apps, and make purchasing decisions.


Blending two or more methodologies allows us to view our clients' audiences through different lenses, understand the why behind the numbers, and hear deep insights directly from the people our clients need to reach. Not all methodologies are suited for every project, and in some cases only one methodology may make sense due to time, money, or objectives. But when we can blend the traditional and digital, we gain a holistic understanding of our clients' target audiences and allow them to have a leg up on the competition.

Posted by Stewart

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