The Dogs of Evolve

Today is National Dog Day, and for a company with a winged bloodhound for a logo and a team with a bunch of dogs for coworkers, we thought we'd best introduce our pups.

Of course, we have provided the vital statistics of each dog above, but we needed to present more facts about our lovable pets!





Name: Peyton


Breed: Boxer/Pitt


Age: 7.5 years


Key skills: Rescuing “toys” from ponds, licking people from across the room, making people laugh, chasing squirrels and rabbits

Naughtiest moment: tearing ACL while chasing rabbits


Best moment:  showing off his skills as a search and rescue dog by “rescuing” toys that had sunk to the bottom of the pond

Favorite thing to do: hunt for rabbits


Wrangled by: Stew



Name: Thea


Breed: Doberman mix


Age: 1.5 years

Key skills: stealing toys from other dogs when they aren’t looking, never needing sleep, too smart for her own good, faster than you will ever be

Naughtiest moment: tearing up all the new beds I buy her or when she figured out how to escape her crate when I was at work 


Best moment: teaching her new tricks and watching her make new friends

Favorite thing to do: lick people’s faces and chase after balls endlessly


Wrangled by: Brinkley



Name: Dallas

Age: 3 1/2 years old

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

Key skills: Walking off-leash, listening, learning new tricks, extreme rabbit hunting, and being the best big brother ever.

Naughtiest moment: Sneaking (human) food when no one is looking.

Best moment: Being the ring bearer in his parent’s wedding

Favorite thing to do: Going on truck rides to look for cows and horses, going to work with his dad, playing fetch and watching Yellowstone with his family


Wrangled by: Jen



Name: Ranger

Age: 9 months old

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

Key skills: Guarding the house, training to swim, and looking cute

Naughtiest moment: Bringing a mouse into the house

Best moment: Watching him grow and learn new skills

Favorite thing to do: Playing with Dallas, chewing on bones & balls, hanging out with his family


Wrangled by: Jen



Name: Ethel


Age: 8.5 years


Breed: Basset Hound


Key skills: Staring out her dog window, going nowhere fast, soul-gazing, getting attention


Naughtiest moment: puking on Kevin's head while he slept


Best moment: She's a trained therapy dog!


Favorite things to do: Turning into "Sassle" and stealing flip-flops, grumbling at Callie


Wrangled by: Kevin




Name: Colonel Winchester Fishhook


Age: 5 years


Breed: Bloodhound/Catahoula Leopard Hound mix


Key skills: Sniffing, walking fast, face-licking, being a mommy's-boy


Naughtiest moment: He's not naughty!


Best moment: Rounding up an intruder who broke into our property, and escorting him out. Legend.


Favorite thing to do: Play with Callie, go on walks, snuggle, stand on the kitchen counter



Name: Callie O'Malley


Age: 1.5 years


Breed: Harrier


Key skills: Pouncing, stealing, being afraid of outside


Naughtiest moment: Stealing important work documents...and eating them


Best moment: Every time she makes a new human friend (she has 17)


Favorite thing to do: Round up dog bowls and play with them, keep her eye on the kids across the street


Wrangled by: Kevin

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