Take 5: Our top marketing, research and data-driven articles of the month

Can you believe summer's almost over?  Time is absolutely flying by and it's easy to miss great marketing content.  Don't worry - we've got your back.  Here's our selection of the most attention-grabbing articles we've seen this past month.


  1. X marks the spot - one of our most popular Facebook messages was about the iPhone X (I got to remind myself it's pronounced "10").  The total-surface screen, the facial recognition, and most definitely the hype...Only a month to go, people.
  2. 20 best restaurants data viz - our statisitcs show tweets about food and alcohol are among our most popular (!).  We put together an interactive chart examining the relationship between restaurant satisfaction and size.  So hungry.
  3. Matchmaking by occupation - love is in the air, especially for morticians and embalmers.  This popular data viz shows which occupation is most likely to pair-off with another.
  4. The art of conversation - one the short week it's been out, our blog post about how to obtain valuable data from people through conversation  has become one of our most popular ever.  Fun statistic: LinkedIn data shows this was really popular among sales people!
  5. Psychographics and Dollar Shave Club - how marketing and psycology played their role in making a hugely popular brand.  You loved it - it's smart marketing!

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