OKC, Eggs, and Art

Today is a special day at Evolve - it's the OKC Museum of Art's annual fundraiser, and we're all going!

As a sponsor of The Omelette Party, we're very much looking forward to an evening of supporting a fantastic institution by bidding on local art and partaking in the finest egg-related foods that Oklahoma has to offer. Oh, and we're super eggsited about watching Stew take to the dancefloor - that guy has THE moves (it's almost like watching some weird art itself).

To celebrate, Brinkley scoured the internet for some egg-related data and built this eggcellent visualization - gestation period versus bird egg size. That teeny-tiny egg, that's a quail egg. There was a nice, linear relationship between egg size and gestation period until the emu threw it off.


We're off to get ready now, so hopefully we'll see you tonight!



Posted by EvolveKev

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