How Coronavirus is Spread Through the Air

The infectious nature of COVID-19 is undeniable - if we don't take measures to protect ourselves, then we will succumb to the virus. We all know the safety measures. Mask-wearing and social distancing form a core part of our preventative strategy, but it's still difficult to visualize how much of a difference those safety measures make.


Spanish publication, El País, has done us all a favor. Through a series of excellent illustrations, clear commentary, and solid research, they have put together a fantastic resource demonstrating how the virus spreads through the office, classroom, and bar scenarios.


For example, if six people meet in a home for several hours, maintain social distancing protocols, and one person is infected, the outcome is dire: five will become infected.


This data story is well worth the read - it's fascinating, and it will likely help you avoid contracting or spreading coronavirus.



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