Evolve Research: Who We Work With

We've conducted marketing research and usability/UX projects in many industries and practice areas.  

 If we were to list them, it would look like this:  

Advertising, branding, marketing, PR, agriculture, automotive, energy, finance, insurance, government, health, wellness, hospitality, hospitals, legal, manufacturing, industrial, nonprofit, public transit, transportation, retail, tourism, leisure, education, utilities, and web/software development.


That list is a little hard on the eyes, which is why we put together the tile chart to effectively communicate the areas we serve.


We added in a few methodologies to give you a better idea of the style of research we typically employ in those practice areas, but in reality any methodology can be applied to any industry!


Download high-res chart, or head to our contact page if you'd like to get in touch (we'd love to hear from you!).




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Kevin is all about research. Qualitative, quantitative, UX, you name it. When he's not researching, he's to be found laying down beats in his studio and hanging out with his dogs (and wife). Woof.

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