Every Solar Eclipse Happening In Your Lifetime

There's a lot of excitement about the August 21 solar eclipse, and for good reason! If you're in the States, it's the first one to traverse east to west coast in nearly a century. But, wouldn't it be cool if you could see how many solar eclispses are left in your lifetime? Thanks to this fantastic data visualization you can.


Denise Lu, over at the Washington Post, has crafted an absolute stellar (pun not intended- but I'm going to fully own it) story of all things elclipse-related. Her tight visualizations and commentary make for an extremely interesting article. I love the simplicity and the colors used - makes some pretty intense data very easy to understand.


The crowning achievement is having custom visualizations and commentary showing you every solar eclipse expected to happen in your lifetime by simply entering your birthdate. This is simply brilliant.


Head over to the site right now - it's well worth the click.


Oh, don't forget to buy your solar eclipse glasses.

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