Data Viz: Homes & The Dreaminess of the American Dream

Compared to elsewhere in the nation, we're pretty spoiled when it comes to real-estate prices.  Regardless, buying a home is probably the single-most expensive purchase we'll ever make in our lives.  What if we translated dollars to another measurement, say "years of our lives?"  This data viz is an eye-opener.


This well-thought viz presents house prices as a home to income ratio - a pretty neat way of thinking about home value.  What I really like is how this is a data story, not just a visualization.  The graphics are tight, large and make great use of simple colors (3!) to show trends and differences.


One thing that stands out to me is how the author weaves his own personal story into the mix - this helps bring the data alive.  


Do yourselves a favor and head over here for a quick and interesting read.


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