Just a few short months ago, COVID-19 cases were rife among the 65+ age group, but that trend has reversed. Recent data shows that the Oklahoma population, with the majority of coronavirus infections, are 18-35-year-olds.


Currently, a third of all reported cases in the state are among young adults.

Initially, you might think this flip-flop from young to old is attributable to the sudden June 8th spike in cases, but historical data shows this is not the case.

Since mid-April, reported COVID-19 cases among 18-35-year-olds has gradually increased.


What does this mean? Since the novel coronavirus is mostly a proximity-based contagion, this gradual increase among young adults suggests 18-35s have been gradually integrating with others for the last two months. While this certainly isn't news, it does confirm what the media has reported over the past couple of months - many people in this age group have not been taking the proper precautions advocated by the CDC and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

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