Covid-19 Reporting Evolves

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has released an in-depth COVID-19 tracking feature. The new data much improves on previous iterations - it is more reliable, accurate and includes new, interactive features.


As the OSDH worked on their new features, we updated our very own dashboard to take advantage of the newly available data.


One of the things I was initially scratching my head about was the "recovered" dataset. As you can see in the screenshot at the top of this post, the cumulative reporting for recovered cases starts abruptly on April 5. Why?


Thanks to this excellent video by Buffy Heater over at the OSDH, I now understand why.



Buffy explains a case can only be defined as recovered if the individual has not shown symptoms for 14 days. While this isn't new information, I certainly wasn't applying it to the data. So, that "gap" in data is the actually the recovery period. Excellent.


I strongly encourage you to check out the OSDH website and look at the information contained within - it's really good.


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