Bulletin Board Focus Groups: Jen's Take

What's not to like about online bulletin board focus groups? There are so many reasons why this technique is among our favorites at Evolve Research.  


This week, our very own Jennifer Williams gives you her top three reasons why she finds this qualitative research methodology so useful. Check her out on YouTube!




Jen's key reasons for her love of this type of research are:

  • The groups are genuinely anonymous - respondents cannot see one another, and they do not know one another's names which empower them to provide honest answers.
  • Respondents answer all questions without being influenced by the opinion of others - before someone can view and comment on the views of others, they must answer the question first which allows us to learn from respondents as individuals as well as a group.
  • The format creates a unique sense of community - bulletin board focus groups take three days to complete during which time respondents learn a lot from one another. This is a huge benefit especially when the research topic is public health-related.


Of course, there are other reasons why bulletin board focus groups are such a powerful technique, but we shall save those for another article.


If you want to learn more about bulletin board focus groups or any other type of marketing research merely reach out to Evolve - our deets are here.


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