It's official; our very own Stewart Law is an AMA lifer, and we have the paperwork to prove it!


Some of you may not know this, but in addition to being a talented researcher by day, Stew also is a dedicated leader of the American Marketing Association at a national level. 


Over the last four years, Stew has lent his expertise and an exhaustive amount of his own time in guiding AMA chapters all over North America to navigate the tricky world of board management and chapter strategy.


Go Stew


Earlier this week, Stew received a complimentary lifetime membership to the AMA in recognition of his selfless dedication to the Professional Chapters Council.


We're so proud of the little fella, and we feel incredibly lucky to have such a great leader as part of our team - go Stew! 

Posted by EvolveKev

Kevin is all about research. Qualitative, quantitative, UX, you name it. When he's not researching, he's to be found laying down beats in his studio and hanging out with his dogs (and girlfriend). Woof.

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