What are People Doing for Mother's Day?

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it would be fun to see how people are celebrating this year! The National Retail Federation has been conducting an annual Mother’s Day survey for almost two decades. According to them, this year's spending will be at an all-time high at an average of $220.48 per person. So, what are people buying for Mother’s Day in 2021?




The top three gifts this year are greeting cards, flowers, and special outings. People said that the two most important aspects of picking the right gift are finding something that is unique or something that creates a special memory that they get to share with their mom.


83% of people said they are planning on celebrating Mother’s Day this year. The younger you are, the more likely you are to be celebrating. 94% of 18-34 years old say they will celebrate whereas only 65% of people over 65 will be celebrating. The chart below shows the average spending for each age group this year.



This was a fun article to go through and see the different shopping preferences broken down by men, women, and age groups. Take a look here if you’re interested in the data!

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