Top 8 Things Evolve Research is Thankful For

Before we enter our turkey-induced comas next week, we want to make sure that we participate in the spirit of the holiday and share what the Evolve team is thankful for. We have a lot of reasons to give thanks, this year, but here’s our top eight!

  1. Clients who trust us to provide the research data that molds their marketing campaigns. Working with such great clients is what makes our jobs so much fun and so fulfilling.
  2. The opportunity to generate insights for our clients to help them make smarter marketing and business decisions. Along with our talented team that researches the heck out of every single project.
  3. The best team anyone could ask for. Not only do we actually like each other, our teammates are the reason we look forward to coming to the office each day!
  4. Our location in Automobile Alley, OKC which provides plenty of great options for lunch and happy hour, including the Mule’s famous “tryptophantastic” thanksgiving sandwich – an Evolve favorite holiday treat!
  5. Smart marketing, advertising, and PR professionals we can socialize with and learn from. We feel privileged to be involved in OKC’s best professional associations, especially AMAOKC!
  6. Partnering with our clients to make OKC and our region a better place. We are very proud of all the good our clients’ work is doing in this great state!
  7. The latest up-to-date technology & software we have at our disposal to help make our lives and projects run more efficiently – we love Apple products!
  8. The ever-faithful Keurig machine that greats us each morning with its endless possibilities of tea and coffee.

After reading through that list, we don’t know how it could get much better. So, from the bottom of Evolve’s heart, thank you for being involved in our lives.


Posted by Jennifer

Jennifer is all things project management, but she is also passionate about qualitative research, and creating unique graphics and data viz. When she isn't consumed with work, you can find her playing outside with her husband and their two blue heelers, starting her next DIY project, or volunteering in the community.

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