The Power of Online Surveys in Ad Campaign Development

Online surveys are great for uncovering all sorts of insights, and one of our favorites is their use in developing advertising campaigns. Whether you need to determine which messages will resonate best with your target audience, fine-tune your copy, or ensure your creative is on point (or all of the above), online surveys can deliver the insights needed to guarantee the success of your campaign.


When it comes to determining the most effective message or tagline, our favorite tool is max-diff (also known as best-worst scaling). We start with a list of possible messages or taglines, usually about 6-12 contenders. We then display 3-4 messages at a time and ask respondents to tell us which one is the best from the list and which one is the worst. Depending on the goals of the campaign, this may be worded as most/least effective, most/least compelling, most/least informative, etc. Each message is displayed at least 3 times in the model and pitted against all other options. We then run the data through various statistical models to determine the right messaging mix to reach the broadest coalition of your audience.


Creative testing is another area where online surveys excel. We can test virtually any type of creative including print, digital, outdoor, radio, and video. Evolve's creative testing process helps ensure that the proper message is being communicated and that the campaign will capture the target audience’s attention and drive them toward the desired behavior.


Our ad agency partners must show results to their clients, and this is another area where online surveys excel. Our ad testing surveys establish benchmark KPIs where we can see how the needle moves before and after exposure to the concepts. We often run a post-campaign survey after a media buy ends as well, where we measure the KPIs again to see the real-world impact the campaign had on its desired targets.


Evolve's ad-testing surveys deliver valuable insights into your target audience's preferences, demographics, and consumer behaviors. They enable our ad agency partners to develop a more targeted and effective campaign, delivering a stronger ROI to their clients and making them look like rock stars.

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