We are kicking off 2018 on a high note with a schedule packed with client meetings, projects, data and our internal marketing. Oh, and did I mention the winter Olympics? We may have been a little distracted by the games. Here's our selection of the most attention-grabbing articles we posted in February.


  1. The weekend is here. Have you made your Friday night dinner plans? What if you combined a map of the US with pizza place location data? Well, you'd get a nation divided like a pie. #dataviz #pizza
  2. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we launched an online study with 400 Oklahoman’s to measure several romance-related questions which gathered insights into online dating, favorite V-day purchases and more. #love #research #holiday
  3. Did you have a chance to check out any of the incredible winter Olympic games? It made me want to hit the slopes, for sure. In case you missed it, the U.S. came in at 4th place with a total of 23 medals. We found this live interactive map which tracked every medal won by each country. #RedWhiteandGOLD
  4. Even as a small business, we are keeping an eye on current trends and future predictions of Artificial Intelligence. Have you adopted an AI products or services to help your business or organization? Whether it is to increase customer satisfaction, assist with your digital marketing tactics or save you money on personnel, there are several reasons you should incorporate #AI technology.
  5. Have you filed your taxes, yet? If you’re planning to do so through a tax preparation website, this blog post might help you decide between two popular services. We have poked, probed and tested these sites and gave our feedback on overall user experience. And, if you have any questions about user experience or design for a website or mobile app, give us a call. We might be able to help!


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