How Americans are Celebrating July 4th

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration, and as the country's reopening is in full throttle, we're curious about how Americans are planning to celebrate. Luckily for us, the National Retail Federation conducts an annual tracking survey for Independence Day! This year 84% plan to celebrate July 4th, an 8% increase compared to 2020. Historically the number celebrating hovers around 86-88%, so while the number celebrating this year is on the rise, it's still lower than it was prior to the pandemic.


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A third are planning to attend a fireworks show or community celebration, a 9% increase from last year but far lower than the pre-pandemic levels of 40-45%. While initially surprising, a Wallet Hub survey reports that 62% of Americans feel that local governments shouldn't spend money on fireworks displays this year. Perhaps this explains why fewer people plan to attend a community celebration this year than they were prior to the pandemic.


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Those planning to celebrate are most likely to do so at a cookout, barbecue, or picnic. The average American plans to spend $80.54 on food for July 4th, but males and adults under 55 years old are likely to spend more than females or baby boomers.


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Whatever your Independence Day plans are this year, we hope you have a fun, relaxing, and safe weekend!

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