COVID-19 Symptoms


We're all on high alert with the COVID-19 pandemic. With cold and flu season still in effect and spring allergy season coming into full bloom, it can be difficult to tell if your symptoms are COVID-19 or something else. Luckily, our friends at the Oklahoma State Health Department put together this handy table distinguishing the symptoms for each.


If you're an allergy sufferer like me, this can be a scary time with some symptoms sharing similarity with COVID-19, such as coughing, headache, and shortness of breath. But by comparing the symptoms you're experiencing to this table, it can add some clarity to what's causing your condition. Personally, I like how they color-coded each illness and clearly spelled out the likelihood of each symptom to be accompanied with it.

Obviously, if you think your symptoms are possibly COVID-19, stay home and call your doctor and health department. Remember, even if you're feeling well, its important to maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel. Stay safe, Oklahoma. We'll stop the spread and beat this together!

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