How Oklahomans are Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way we live almost overnight. With so much information shared in the news, across social media, and from our elected leaders, it's easy to be overwhelmed and know which actions to take. We were curious about how Oklahomans were responding to these changes and how the pandemic is affecting their daily lives, so naturally, we fielded a survey!


We found that, for the most part, Oklahomans are concerned about COVID-19 and are taking it seriously. 88% report doing things differently now, with self-quarantining/staying at home as the most common action (80%), and just under half canceling upcoming vacations, parties, or events. However, this doesn't mean that we're not socializing with others. We found that two-thirds of Oklahomans are socializing with friends virtually, with half using technology such as video chat more frequently than they did before the pandemic and half using it about the same. 64% of Oklahomans said they're not socializing with friends in person at all, while 30% said they're doing so less often than before (hopefully they're maintaining at least 6-feet between each other!). We're also washing our hands more frequently, with 81% reporting washing their hands more often now.


When it comes to contracting COVID-19, Oklahomans tend to be more worried about loved ones than themselves - 76% are afraid that people they care about will catch it while 50% are concerned about catching it themselves. That said, 81% somewhat or strongly agree that they're confident in taking all the required steps to avoid catching it. However, Oklahomans have split views on the precautions others are taking in the state - 45% agree that most people are acting responsibly, while 36% disagree. Four out of five Oklahomans do not know anyone who has contracted COVID-19.


COVID-19 is impacting approximately half of Oklahomans income and is changing the way we shop. Roughly a third are stocking up on essentials, shopping for products online, and ordering food for take-out or delivery more often than they used to. 26% of Oklahomans are also ordering groceries online more frequently than before.


While no one knows exactly how long it will be before things get back to normal, most believe it will be approximately 3-4 months until the pandemic in Oklahoma ends.


Curious for more? Dive into the data below! Also be sure to check out our Oklahoma COVID-19 Tracker and our Global COVID-19 Tracker for the latest data and stats on the virus.






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