Global COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 infections continue to increase globally. We've built a dashboard to keep track of the global statistics daily.

Like any data, we need to apply context to everything we see on this Dashboard. First and foremost, all of these figures are reported cases. Each country, each state, and each country (or the global equivalents) all have different reporting thresholds. These reports rely on tested instances. The number of available tests differs for each country. The limit for who qualifies for a test is different for each country.



  • Iceland has tested around 15% of its population versus the US, which has tested around 0.2% (the more tests you do, the more cases you will reveal).
  • Some countries test anyone who requires it, and others only test those who have a medical emergency.
  • Asymptomatic individuals don't get tested since they don't even know they have the virus.
  • Many people who have COVID-19 don't get tested due to the mildness of infection. They either don't want to get tested, or they might not even know they have the novel coronavirus.
  • Some countries may be withholding their figures from the global community.

For these numbers to be real, we'd need to test everyone, or do some intelligent sampling - but that is a wholly naive and unrealistic expectation.

We'll update this dashboard daily with the latest public health research data. Stay safe and healthy.



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